Getting Help

For students and instructors:

The E-Learning Coordinator provides technical support and services to students and instructors during normal office hours (9:00 am - 5:00 pm). 

To obtain help when on-campus please visit the E-Learning Coordinator's office. 

To obtain help when off-campus please call the E-Learning Coordinator directly at (807) 626-1885 (leave a message if not available) or email at

For staff:

An off-site IT Technician generally provides support on an as-needed basis.

On-Call Technical Support

When students are on-campus outside of normal office hours including weekends there will generally be made available an on-campus technical support person. 

In the event an IT person is not available on-campus, a technical support person located off-campus will be put on-call (stand by).  To obtain help during these times (students and instructors) please call the on-call technical support line at cell phone 621-8517. 

Note that on-call technical support is only available when students are in-town and attending on campus sessions.

Contact North (Centra) Technical Support

For help with Centra (e-Classes) please see the Centra services and support page.