Our Story & Logo

The Story of a New Beginning

Long ago, the world was nothing but water. There were only birds and animal swimmers. One day, a woman fell from the sky and landed on a giant turtle. The woman had nowhere to go, and so she had to stay on the turtle. She asked the animals if they could dive down to the bottom of the water and get a piece of the earth for her. She said she would take the piece of earth and create land on which everyone could live.

The loon was the first to try. The loon was under the water for a long time. When the loon returned to the surface, he had nothing.

Next, the beaver tried, but he also returned with nothing.

Then the muskrat wanted to try. All of the other animals laughed at him because of his small size. They believed he would also fail. The woman, however, said he could try.

The muskrat dove straight down into the water. He stayed under the water longer than any of the other animals. Because he dove so deep, the water became dark that he did not know which way was up. Above the water, the other animals waited. Finally the muskrat slowly surfaced, barely alive. In his little paw he held some earth. The woman took the earth from his paw and placed it on the turtle's back. This is how the land was created.

Our Logo

Oshki-Pimache-O-Win means "a new beginning." The OSHKI logo symbolizes the beginning of a new life for those who pursue an education to improve their lives.

The turtle and the tree represent the story of how land was created. The tree in the turtle represents the beauty and life that the land has given us. The turtle represents the potential of an individual to take something simple, like a little clump of dirt, and turn it into something beautiful and wonderful.

The Oshki-Pimache-O-Win logo was designed by Alvin R.S. Fiddler of Sioux Lookout, Ontario. The logo is based on a story he heard as a boy growing up in Sandy Lake.